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More customers for your business with "The snowball effect"!

Are you still using old, ineffective methods to promote your business?

Or is your marketing like a snowball rolling down a hill that gets bigger, faster and more powerful the longer it rolls?

If you’re like many small businesses, your current plan for trying to attract new customers will be something like this…

  1. You advertise… this may be via offline methods such as the newpaper, flyers etc, or via online methods such as Facebook ads, Google Adwords etc.
  2. People see your ad in which you encourage them to become a customer by visiting your premises, calling you or visiting your website.
  3. A few of the people who see your ad become customers, but most don’t.
  4. The next week or the next month you need to start all over again with your advertising as you have no way to contact anyone who saw your previous ads.

Instead of this ineffective method though, what if…

  • Each time you advertise, you not only get customers from that promotion, but you also reignite customers from your last promo, and the one before that, and the one before that etc.
  • Also, some people who saw your previous promos but didn’t become a  customer at the time now become customers.
  • And, every time you run a promo, people want to tell all their friends about it on Facebook etc and so getting you lots of free additional promotion for your business.
  • And, you build a list of not only customers, but also people who have shown an interest in your business. This list grows month after month, helping you to attract more and more customers and continually increase your profits.

That’s the Snowball Effect… Small business marketing that gets more powerful, more effective and more profitable for you every month!

OK, that sounds great, but how exactly does it work?

Here’s all of the details for you. It may sound a little complicated but it’s actually very simple as well as very effective… AND I do everything for you!


Month 1

1. We set up an online Viral Prize Draw for you. The prize, which you provide, should be something related to your business and of value to your customer. As an example, for a restaurant, a meal for two people would be ideal.

2. People in your local area see the draw on Facebook, Instagram, etc, and enter because they want to win the prize.

3. When these people enter, they automatically get added to your email list that we will set up and run for you.

This is when the magic starts to happen…

4. Once people have entered the draw, they then see a special page that gives them the chance to get more entries in the draw (and increase their own chances of winning the prize) by sharing the draw on social media.

The viral page looks like this…

As sharing the draw is made as simple as pressing a button, most people do so because they want to increase their own chances of winning the prize.

This causes the viral effect because people share the draw which means more people see and enter the draw which means more shares… and so on. And each person who enters is another person on your email list that you can promote your products and services to month after month.

5. After entering the draw, we send a welcome email that introduces people to your business, this email can include information about your business, services, products or promotions, etc. Typical results have been between 200 and 1400 people on the email list in just the first month, depending on the business type and size of the area the business is based in.

In the email newsletter, we can also include an offer or discount, plus any other information that can turn them into customers.

*** The Snowball Is Picking Up Speed! ***

Month 2

1. In the second month, we repeat month 1 with a new prize draw, but this time we also tell all of the existing email list about the new draw and let them enter.

2. They enter the draw and again are encouraged to share it to increase their chances of winning.

3. More new people see the draw, enter and share it with their friends.

4. The email list grows even more and at the end of the month we send an email newsletter to even more people and so bring more customers to your business.

*** The Snowball Is Picking Up Speed! ***

Month 3 (and subsequent months)

Each month we now repeat the same process with a new prize draw, but each time we have more and more people on the list to enter the draw, more people to share the new draw, and more people who receive your email newsletter.

*** The Snowball Gets Faster and Faster Each Month! ***

  • So, every month, your asset – your email list – gets bigger.
  • Every month, more and more people enter your draw, see your offers and generally get reminded about your business.
  • Every month, more and more people become your customer and help to increase your profits!

In other words, instead of starting from scratch each month as most businesses do, your marketing now has the Snowball Effect that just gets better and better every single month!

Now it’s time to get the Snowball Effect working for your business…

How To get Started

If you’re ready for the Snowball effect in your marketing then we’d be very happy to get the viral system set up for you. Here is everything that is included for your small monthly investment…

With our full ‘Snowball Effect’ done-for-you system, we not only set up your viral prize draws but also look after the monthly management of your email list and the sending out of your newsletters. This includes all of the following…

Initial Setup

  • Set up your first prize draw with my Viral Prize Draw Software
  • Set up your email list system with GetResponse. This is a paid-for service, but with our Done-For-You system, all costs are included.
  • Your initial setup is also included at no extra charge.

Fully Managed Monthly Newsletters

There is no point in building a large email list of your customers and potential customers and then not sending them anything and so the Snowball Effect Done-For-You system also includes the creating and sending of a newsletter each month. You will need to tell us what you want to include in the newsletter of course as you know your business far better than us, but the design of an attractive-looking newsletter and then sending it to your growing list is taken care of for you each month.

As an example, your newsletter could include offers to attract customers at times when you’re normally quietest, details of special events, new products, or other news from your business. Anything that will keep your business in your customer’s minds and tempt them to buy from you rather than one of your competitors.

So every month your Done-For-You system includes…

  • Fully managed solution so whenever you want a newsletter sent to your list (up to once per month), you simply send the wording and any images to us and we will format the newsletter and send it to your ever-growing list (after you have seen and agreed on a proof copy of course)
  •  The email list we build is yours and yours alone. You are welcome to have a copy of the list at any time and if you ever decide to leave the system, your entire list will be sent to you so you can still use it.
  • Email and phone support from us when needed (provided that we setup a meeting or time to meet via zoom),
  • Set up of further Viral Prize Draws as and when required. Many businesses run a different prize draw every month to ensure the email list continues to grow. All of this is included for you.

Your total investment per month is just R1500

This low monthly cost is paid by direct debit and covers a list of up to 500 people. When your list grows above that figure and so is even more profitable for you, your monthly cost will increase by R250 for every 500 people on your list. So, ongoing costs for a list of 501 to 1000 people will be R1750, 1001 to 1500 will be R2000, etc. This is because of the incremental increase in email list software costs but it means that your costs only rise when you already have the list and the increase in profits to make it more than worthwhile.

No long-term contract. We’ll be working hard to ensure that your email list is constantly profitable for you, but if you ever decide to cancel, then you can do so at any time and the email list you have built will be yours to keep and use as you wish.

Just a tiny 2% response from a list of 1000 can greatly increase your weekly revenue and so I know that the small monthly cost will be the best marketing investment you’ll make.

To order your Snowball Effect Done-For-You system, please contact us using the contact from bellow…

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Snowball Effect further, please see the FAQ’s below or Contact us on +27-66-466-1985. We look forward to helping you to regularly get more customers for your business.

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