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  • 2 months free on the annual plan

3 Pages

.com .net .org .info

7 email

40 GB Storage

1 Backups/month

30 min Support / month

Medium Companies


  • 2 months free on the annual plan

5 Pages

.com .net .org .info

15 email

100 GB Storage

2 Backups/month

1hr suporte / mês

Large Companies


  • 2 months free on the annual plan

10 Pages

.com .net .org .info

25 email

150 GB Storage

4 Backups/Month

2hr suporte / Month

e – commerce

Dedicated support

3 Free Updates

  • Free domain, .com .org and info.
  • Hosting for your email and website, without access to panel control.
  • Premium WordPress theme and other features.
  • With all this you save at least 200,000Kz annually.
  • Unique: All the websites we create are unique, we work with our customers to ensure a design that is fully designed for your business and your tastes.
  • Speed: We optimize our sites so that they can load as quickly as possible on all their devices, not forgetting the data consumption of their visitors, that is, we also optimize the images on your website and other media so that they never consume more data than they need .
  • Security: Our sites use SSL certificates so that the traffic is encrypted (hidden from hackers) and we also use the Defender Pro plugin, which is one of the most recommended security plug-ins for WordPress websites.
  • Responsive: Much of the traffic on the internet today comes from mobile devices and that is why Moce Designs has as a priority to develop websites fully optimized for computers and mobile devices.
  • Personalized emails:  Give your company an advantage by sending personalized emails like instead of .
  • Social networks: Today social networks are part of our routine and we want them to be part of your website too. We will integrate your website with your networks so that your visitors can access both without difficulty.
  • Backups: We will create backups of your system regularly so that if your website is completely compromised, we can recover it in less than 3 hours.
  • Reports: You will regularly receive a report of everything that happened on your website, how many services were updated, how many visitors you received and more.
  • Maintenance of your website and e-mails: If something happens to your website or e-mails we are the first to know, we will monitor your services 24 hours a day, every day, for this can be rested.
  • Support Websites: Monthly you will receive a certain amount of time so that your website does not seem abandoned, you can change images and other things without any stress, just send us the instructions and we will update your website .
  • Email support: Each month you will receive a set amount of time so that if you have any complications with your emails, we can help you solve the problem, whether by chat, voice call or video. .
  • Testing and delivery: Our websites undergo evaluations before being delivered to our customers, we will test their speed, their safety, compatibility with various devices and applications for navigation (eg Google Chrome), and the number of users it supports at the same time.
  • Our best-selling savings packages use servers that allow us to have multiple websites / emails at the same time. If your website consumes more than a normal website, we will contact you to upgrade to a stronger package or see alternatives with you. OBS: On average, small and medium-sized businesses fit this package very well without any problems
  • Good question, Moce Drawings is a registered company and any problem that has with us both the names of our employees and our CEO is on the internet.
  • A contract / document will be signed by both parties so that everything is archived and handed over to the authorities in case any happens in which both parties are unable to resolve without intervention by the authorities.
  • Documents such as company identity card and identification will be attached to the contract in order to guarantee the safety of the customer like ours as well.
  • We understand that your priorities can change at any time, so we have a minimum of 3 months to be able to cancel your services. After the first 3 months we need you to inform us at least 15 days before the date of your cancellation.
  • We know that unforeseen events happen and that is why we will be giving up to 5 days after the date of renewal of your services to make your payment, and if you still do not do this, we will be forced to suspend your emails / website.

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