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Enjoy the benefits of our yearly plans.

Give  your company an advantage by sending personalized emails like   instead of .


R 1 199/yearly

50% Off Until October 31st .com .net .org .info

Up to 10 email accounts

Up To 50 GB Storage

1h Support / Month


R 2 099/year

50% Off Until October 31st .com .net .org .info

Up to 25 email accounts

Up To 100 GB Storage

1h Support / Month


R 2 999/year

50% Off Until October 31st .com .net .org .info

Unlimmited email accounts

Unlimited domain e subdomains

Unlimited storage (T&Cs Apply)

2h Support / Month

  • Free domain, .com .org and .info.
  • Hosting for your emails, no access to control panel.
  • Use your new emails within 48 hours of your payment.
  • Your emails will have your company’s prefix instead of Gmail or Outlook.
  • You will be able to access your email from your browser or from various email applications such as Outlook.
  • You may use your allocated storage freely as long as you do not use it as cloud storage. Our server policy forbids that large files such as movies, large images, software, etc. are store in it, as for day-to-day documents or images, pdfs you can send many as you wish. If you need more information regarding this policy please feel free to contact us.
  • Please Note: You will have access to an “IMAP/Webmail” type of email account. Thou you will be able to send and receive emails as you would with traditional email please bear in mind that you will not possess the same extras as a Gmail or outlook account have. It is possible to have your own domain benefitting from such extras at a fee paid directly to Gmail or Outlook, if you are interested in those extra or features please feel free to contact us for more information.
  • Our best-selling savings packages use servers that allow us to have multiple websites/emails at the same time. If your website consumes more than a normal website, we will contact you to upgrade to a stronger package or see alternatives with you.
  • PLEASE NOTE: On average, small and medium businesses fit very well into this package without any problem.


  • Good question, Moce Desenhos is a registered company and any problem that has with us both the names of our employees and our CEO is on the internet.
  • A contract/document will be signed by both parties so that everything is archived and handed over to the authorities in case anything happens in which both parties are unable to resolve without intervention by the authorities.
  • Documents such as company identity cards and identification will be attached to the contract in order to guarantee your safety as well as ours.
  • Payments are done in two parts, 50% before services commence and 50% upon completion of the project.  Please note that failure to pay the remaining 50% within 14 days after the service is completed can result in your emails being suspended and consequently in legal actions against you.

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